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WalkTalkPerformance 01.08.2021

This is the documentation of the latest WalkTalkPerformance - in high speed!
In real life and real time the cities overlay and interlace in the individual awareness of the participants.  
Try it out during our performance week 03.09. - 11.09.2021!  


Data transferred in notations

At the moment we are playing around with possibilities of transfering data into notations.
THE IDEE: To develop notations which we can use with citizens of Altenessen to work on the developmenet of choreography and sound.


Wilhelm Nieswandt Allee Altenessen

Main road cutting through Altenessen – will it sound different?


Sderot Rothschild

Famous boulevard in Tel Aviv – how will the vibration sound?


Cemetery Nordfriedhof Altenessen

We are looking for different places and atmospheres!


Trumpledor cemetery Tel Aviv

We are looking for different places and atmospheres!


Marktplatz Altenessen

Another central point i Altenessen where we measured the vibrations.


Rabin Square

Another central point i Altenessen where we measured the vibrations.


Bridge Zeche Carl

In WE_COSMOS we use the measuring of vibration as an instrument to research and talk about the interelatedness between bodies and enviroment. Our research focuses especially the non-hearable, the non-visble and the non-tangible. Therefore the research has to do with the ‚presence’ of things and matter. Normally we talk about presence in connection with things we can perceive. The presence of the un-perceivable is often labeled as esoteric. Here – for me – lays one connection to choreography and dance. The dancing body is matter we can percieve: it moves, sweats, jumps or falls. At the same time it moves the space, creates atmospheres and structures time – all things which the viewer can experience but might not see nor hear. Measuring the vibration is the first step in my research as a choreographer to make existent movementpatterns visible in order to use them as choreographic inspiration.


Rowing Center Bridge

The hidden motion of the city. Its vibrations. Its atmosphere. These are things I routinely measure in my artistic practice. As we move through the urban space, we interact with it. We change it. It changes us... The act of measurement in itself is an intervention. A performative action that affects the movements and vibrational patterns. As a scientist, I set out to examine the physical interactions between the city and its inhabitants. As an artist I look for ways to portray these interactions. In WE_COSMOS I set out to do both.

Michael Lazar


Discussing WalkTalkPerformance!

On December 18th we are experimenting for the first time with the performancescore of the WalkTalkPerformance.
Two people navigate themselves through different cities by constantly negotiating their path!
BUT the negotiation started already before!
Have a glimpse in our preparation!