With every step we change the geophysical patterns of the earth!

Fabian Chyle – choreographer/ performer fabianchyle.de and
Michael Lazar – geophysicist/ multi-media artist michael-lazar.com
met in 2014 at the experiment ‚Arts and Science in Motion’ hosted by the Volkswagen Foundation.
Since then they have exchanged ideas about the imprints human bodies leave behind in their enviroment, their culture, their cities and their politics AND how these politics, cities, cultures and enviroments leave imprints in and on the human body.
They‘ve developed their work in different places: Tel Aviv, Stuttgart, Köln, Essen and online! Always accompanied by good food like poppyseed cake, sashuka or pitapizza! And they drink! Tea, vodka, coffee, arak or water!
Meet them during the WE_COSMOS ACTIONS!
And meet their guests and partners!

Claudia Senoner is one of their dear friends dancing, performing, improvising and choreographing in a way that all are thrilled.

Adrian Silvestri has worked for over a decade creating edgy design and inventive typography for parties, art institutions and subcultural activists.